05 Oct



The call to the workshop to present the consultancy was a success despite the blockades of roads that lead residents of the municipality of Achacachi on the access roads and exit to the lake region.

Last Monday, August 28, the workshop was held to present the consultancy: "Revalorization of the Aymara community cultural identity through greater knowledge of the ancestral cultures linked to the archaeological heritage through annual competitions and publications, with special emphasis on older women ", which involved representatives of 12 of the 13 municipalities that are part of the" Project of identification, registration and enhancement of cultural heritage in the Lake Titicaca basin "known simply as" Project of Lake Titicaca "

This is a project of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism with funding from the Belgian Technical Cooperation CTB, and above all seeks to contribute to improving community management of the cultural heritage of the lake basin and promote the development of community cultural tourism.

On the other hand, the consultancy specifically aims to strengthen the community's cultural identity and revalue it through greater knowledge and exchange of ancestral cultures linked to the archaeological heritage of the 13 municipalities prioritized by the Project, through the creation of annual contests and publications directed to the communities, with a special emphasis on older women.

As part of Gerenssa's proposal to execute this consultancy, workshops will be held to compile oral traditions and ancestral knowledge, in which 5th grade students will participate. secondary school level and teaching staff of educational units of the 13 implementing municipalities.

What is sought is that adolescents become researchers of oral history in their communities, going to their grandmothers and older women to collect their knowledge and then translate them into dissemination materials (it has been projected to produce short books, short videos and radio-stories with the collected material); Following this pilot methodology, it is intended to organize and carry out oral tradition compilation competitions annually that involve educational units and students from the entire area.

In this way, at the same time to achieve an important flow of knowledge and ancestral wisdom, from older women to the rest of the municipalities, the department, the country and even other countries, we also seek to narrow the generation gap that separates to the grandchildren of their grandmothers in the participating municipalities of the Project.